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Get support

Getting the support of others who are also coping with MCC can be a helpful way of getting information and feeling less overwhelmed, lost or frightened.

Online Support Group

Merkel cell carcinoma patients have created their an online discussion/support group via Google Groups with several hundred members and significant daily participation. All MCC patients, family members, and caregivers are able to join this group. MCC Google Group members are not healthcare professionals nor do they offer medical advice, rather they provide support to each other during their or their loved one’s battle fight against MCC. You must register for the Google Group to view and participate in discussions. Contact George, the Google Group administrator for all questions about the online support group.

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Seattle-Based Support Group

The MCC Seattle Support Group provides hope during one’s fight with MCC. We invite all Seattle-based patients, family members and caregivers to look over our website for more information about us, our meeting schedule, and other helpful MCC related resources. The support group is an informal opportunity to meet others coping with MCC, share stories and information, answer questions and provide support. Anyone fighting MCC is welcome to join the group anytime, whether they live in the greater Seattle area, or coming to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) from elsewhere for consultation, treatment, or participation in a clinical research trial.

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