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Information about Merkel Cell Carcinoma Research

As you may know, MCC is a rare skin cancer with only about 1600 cases per year in the United States. Currently, there are no widely accepted guidelines for how patients should ideally be managed, and as a result, patients are being treated with different combinations of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Further, little is known about what causes this cancer, and no effective therapies exist for advanced disease. Thus, we are conducting clinical and basic science research to better understand MCC.

Research Overview

We have recruited over 1000 patients for a study in which we follow their disease status over time, together with blood and tissue samples. These cases and specimens have provided great insight into MCC causes and potential therapies and will continue to be an important resource for MCC researchers well into the future.

Current Research Focus

Currently, we are focusing our recruiting efforts on several existing and planned trials to augment the immune response in MCC.

For further details, please see our News page: MCC News